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starck – Produktkostenoptimierung
Produktkostenreduktion, Kaufteilpreisanalyse, Design to Cost, Benchmarking


starck-pko works successfully for both international corporate groups and well-known medium-sized companies. Long-lasting customer relationships attest to our high quality standards. Our customers come primarily from the following sectors:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Automotive (car/truck – OEM and suppliers)
  • Electrical devices
  • Medical technology
  • Other, such as foodstuffs, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.


Typical tasks from real-world situations:


  • Plant engineering: The costs of the current plant type are significantly higher than those of the competition, who are producing significantly higher volumes at a locations with lower wage costs. Are there methods/options for becoming competitive and not losing the unique selling proposition?
  • Electrical devices: Our traditional territory is specialized retailing. How can a product be modified to also reach DIY store customers without abandoning our characteristic quality attributes?
  • Capital goods industry: What would a product look like that is based on an existing series and is intended to be successful in the Asian market with at least a 40% reduction in production costs (without abandoning our characteristic quality attributes)?
  • Automotive industry (OEM): What are our competitors' production costs? What savings potential can be generated by means of benchmarking or product optimization/value analysis?
    Market-oriented target cost development – introduction of target costing and implementation in the structure and process organization.
  • Automobile suppliers: Integration of sub-suppliers into the improvement process – conducting workshops on-site at sub-suppliers on the basis of internal costing and product-cost optimization ideas.
  • Foodstuffs industry: What does our special packaging actually cost? - Where are opportunities for optimization?

Overview of sectors, projects and methods

Here you will find a small selection of clients with whom we have worked together, in some cases, for many years. We would be happy to provide additional, more detailed information in a personal meeting.

Mechanical and plant engineering

Customer Project Methods
OEMCutter (food industry)Product cost optimization
OEMPackaging machineryProduct cost optimization
OEM Hydroelectric power plants Target cost determination
OEM Stationary fuel cell Verification of project target costs
OEM Oiling machines Design to cost and product strategy
Supplier Pneumatic systems Value analysis
OEMWood laminationValue analysis
OEMPrinting pressesValue analysis


Customer Project Methods
Supplier Pneum. brake assist Target price calculation and brainstorming
Supplier Motorcycle clutches Supplier program
Supplier Car fuel cell Purchased part price and value analysis
Supplier Diesel injection system Purchased part price and value analysis
Supplier Retractable hard tops/soft tops Purchased-part price and value analysis
Supplier Gears Supplier program
OEM Truck seats
Supplier Air heaters Value analysis
Supplier Tipper bodies Supplier program
OEM City and overland bus Target costing (introduction of method and implementation)
OEM Cars – complete vehicle Benchmarking
OEM Car seats, door panels Benchmarking
OEM Car interior and structural parts
Purchased-part price analysis and negotiation
OEM Tractors Product cost engineering
Supplier Seat adjusters Purchased-part price analysis

Electrical devices

Customer Project Methods
OEM Scales Design to cost
OEM Hedge clippers Design to cost
OEM Rotary hammer Training in purchased-part price analysis

Medical technology

Customer Project Methods
OEM Equipment for operating theaters Value analysis
OEM Transport systems for medication Target price calculation and brainstorming
OEM Hospital and nursing home beds Purchased-part price and value analysis


Sectors Project Methods
Bicycles Hydraulic brake system Value analysis
Rail carsVehicle modulesPKO and supplier integration
Cosmetics Spray-can production Target price calculation and brainstorming
Food industry  
Containers Target price calculation and brainstorming
Jewelry Packaging systems Target price calculation and brainstorming