Albert Einstein: The purest form of insanity is, to leave everything as it is, and at the same time hope, that things will change.
starck – Produktkostenoptimierung
starck – kalkulatorische Bewertung und kostenoptimale Produktgestaltung


Our experience allows us to provide you with flexible support. Without the need to ensure that complete teams are engaged, we can concentrate fully on customer value and on the actual task in hand. The advantage to this lean implementation is that we can also advise on and support the implementation phase as required. And we are happy to be measured by our success.


We work:

  • In all industries – from one-off production to large series
  • In all phases – from the design phase to product discontinuation
  • With all products – with a focus on the manufacturing industry


Your benefits …

  • Cost reduction starting in the design phase
  • Simplification of products and processes
  • Provision of methodological knowledge in product cost optimization
  • Generation of ideas using competition analysis and supplier involvement
  • Implementation of a cost manager
  • Identification of unexpected savings potential
  • Where required, funding of consultation for material efficiency projects through the BMWi (German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy)


Our unique selling proposition

  • The linking of expertise in cost-based valuation of external value added (purchased parts) with cost-optimum product design
  • Utilization of synergies resulting from numerous projects in a wide range of sectors
  • Experience with a broad spectrum of corporate structures in numerous projects, from small businesses to corporate groups
  • Product cost engineering in the early design phase based on design drafts
  • Extensive experience with supplier programs for realizing savings potential and process optimization