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starck – Produktkostenoptimierung
starck – Wettbewerbsanalyse: Wo steht der Kunde im Vergleich zum Wettbewerb?

Competitive analyses

Competitive analysis is a process that has been used successfully for many years in the automotive industry. Different approaches can be taken depending on the objective and vested interests. From evaluating the site, » and where we stand compared to our competition« through to a targeted process for identifying successful ideas for the current series or its successor. The difficulty lies in evaluating costing for external products and processes and in developing ideas for internal issues based on these evaluations.

The following questions are of interest:

  • Would you like to know the manufacturing costs of your competitors? - Where do we stand compared to the competition? A site evaluation is the result of this investigation. We have the competence to provide detailed costing of external products and to develop ideas based on the results. This knowledge has been gathered primarily in the automotive industry, but it has also now been proven in many other sectors.
  • Would you like to know how your product costs would be affected if you had the opportunity to produce under your competitors' conditions? We can show the effect that significantly higher volumes will have on your manufacturing costs, whether this will allow you to close in on the competition or if the solution is more likely to be found in a lean product structure. 
  • How can the various approaches of your competitors be assessed compared to your own if they are all evaluated under the same conditions; which ideas can be developed in detail as a result? The search for interesting detailed solutions and functions is made easier if all design approaches are evaluated using the same assumptions.