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starck – Produktkostenoptimierung
starck – Analyse und Optimierung der Produktkosten

Product cost engineering in the design development process

Experience shows that 70-80% of the product costs are determined in the product development process (PDP). Cost-related problems lie in wait during this phase which may be caused by the following:

  • Functions for which the customer is no longer prepared to pay
  • Specifications that are out of date
  • Design or use of materials have not been adapted to the new market requirements
  • Product performance potential has not been exploited
  • Design is not optimized for assembly and manufacture
  • Suppler expertise is no longer suitable due to changes in technological requirements over time


This raises the following questions:

  • Do you know your cost target for a particular product and are you asking yourself "which methods will achieve the target and what do we specifically need to do?” What suitable methods are available?"
  • Depending on your objectives for price and target market, we develop methods and ideas, from the design of functions and components through to evaluating the opportunities at respective production sites.
  • Is the »Start of Production SOP« still some distance away for your product and are looking for practical experience in target costing to ensure you achieve your goals? We describe the necessary functions from the perspective of the customer, determine the target cost per function and component and initiate the cost management process up to the SOP.

    After all:

    »The value of a product is determined by the person who buys it.«